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Hi there, I’m Margo McReynolds. Trained dancer, model and make up artist based in California.

I found my place in this world by creating art and using my body to express the thousands of emotions and moments we all have. My training in dance has been a crucial part to my success. It allows me to move my body fluidly and with a deeper emotion then I could before, wether that be for dance, a photoshoot or an event. Creating visual art and modeling gave me a sense of purpose, I am no longer just living day to day. Its my life motto and platform to encourage other women and men that your voice, body and individuality is not limited to what others decide. To embrace and feel empowered by whatever form of femininity, masculinity and/or uniqueness suits you. To feel empowered and in ones own body with each passing day. My work in all fields (dance, model, theater, makeup, production, etc) represent the countless versions of myself and the many people I have and will meet in my life time.



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